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Subset Splitting Digital Image Correlation (SSDIC)

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is a powerful method to measure displacement and strain fields, which has become widely used in the experimental mechanics community. While this method is robust and accurate for a variety of applications, standard DIC returns large error and poor correlation quality near displacement discontinuities such as cracks or shear bands. As a result the regions around discontinuities are typically removed from the area of interest, before or after analysis. With subset splitting DIC (SSDIC) the subset is split in two sections when a discontinuity is detected. This method enables the measurement of “displacement jumps”, and also of displacements and strains right by the discontinuity (for example a crack profile or residual strains in the wake can be measured accurately.

Reference: “A Novel Subset Splitting Procedure for Digital Image Correlation on Discontinuous Displacement Fields” J. Poissant and F. Barthelat. Experimental Mechanics 50 (3): p. 353-364 (2010) PDF

Comparison of standard DIC and SSDIC for a mode I crack:

The Matlab routines we have developed in this work are available for free. If you are interested please send an email to mentioning your affiliation and the application you intent for the routines. The package includes:

  • Standard DIC (1st order subset deformation, quintic interpolation)
  • Subset splitting DIC
  • Some extra feature: “sequential correlation” option vs. single reference image, strain plotter, filters.
  • Graphical user interface

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