This August the Laboratory for Advanced Materials and Bioinspiration is moving from McGill to CU Boulder

Nature produces materials with highly attractive sets of properties which can inspire new strategies for stronger, tougher, lighter, smarter and more sustainable engineering materials. in our lab we (1) characterize the structure, mechanics and multi-functionalities of natural materials, and (2) design, fabricate and test novel high-performance engineering materials and systems inspired by nature. Our current models include mollusk shells, bone, teeth, collagen, fish scales and osteoderms.

Our daily activities involve micromechanics, fracture mechanics, modeling of nonlinear and dissipative processes in materials, contact and impact mechanics, finite elements modeling, optimization, laser engraving, 3D printing, experimental mechanics and also a bit of biology.

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Recent News

June 2019: Our paper "Impact-resistant nacre-like transparent materials" just appeared in Science!

To appear in PNAS
August 2018: Our paper "Simultaneous improvements of strength and toughness in topologically interlocked ceramics" To appear in PNAS

February 2017: Tough and deformable glasses! Acta Biomaterialia PDF



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